Our Roots

The idea of a lightbox started when one of the founders, Ayee, switched off her bedroom’s fluorescent light and turned on the night lamp to prep her son for bedtime. Her son, still bursting with energy from his midday nap, asked her to read a bedtime story to help him sleep. As she was about to turn the lights back on again, her son had yet another request: read the book but keep the night lamp on as the cozy atmosphere of the room felt like a “huggy from mommy”.

It was a challenge for Ayee to read the storybook under a dim lighting. But in the interest of putting her son to sleep, she soldiered on—strained eyes and all. The struggle of reading books under dim lights went on until she decided to buy a bear-shaped mood lamp, and started creating her own bedtime stories about the “bear” and its adventures.

Unlimited stories sans the eye-strain. BINGO.

This classic bedtime solution birthed another idea that merged the body of a mood lamp and the heart and soul of story—a paper art lightbox.